Me in 10 seconds

Incoming Software Development Engineering Intern to Amazon’s Consumer Payments team.

Researching a new kind of OCR (optical character recognition) based entirely on deep neural networks as an intern in Workday’s SYMAN data science team. Actively seeking out similar opportunities for the Spring and Summer of 2018.

Previously developed deep learning systems for streaming WSD (word sense disambiguation) as a Data Science Intern at Haystax Technology, a leading security analytics and risk management software company.

Leading over thirty engineers and scientists as the CEO of The Inventor’s Guild, a multi-award-winning think tank and consulting firm that aims to support students’ professional development and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Investor at Contrary Capital, the world’s first decentralized, university-focused venture capital fund.

Book addict, especially those exploring decision making, human behavior, and how the world works.

Computer Science and Mathematics student at RPI concentrating in A.I. and Data.

White Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu currently training at Ralph Gracie Academy, doing my best to survive every time I roll.

Mountain biker on RPI’s Cycling Team, always trying to ride faster and send it harder.

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