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Software Development Engineer Intern at Workday

Researching and developing a new kind of OCR (optical character recognition) based entirely on deep neural networks

Investor at Contrary Capital

Contrary Capital is a decentralized, university-focused venture capital fund focused on early-stage university startups.

Sourcing and analyzing the growth potential of student- or faculty-founded startups to invest $50-250k in seed funding

Undergraduate Researcher at RPI’s Center for Architectural Science and Ecology

Worked under Anna Dyson on Data Journey, a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation-funded platform for delivering visualizations of data being collected by the Gates Healthy Birth, Growth, and Development Knowledge Integration initiative.

Developed an intuitive data visualization interface containing a full range of visual tools and search methods


Data Science Intern at Haystax Technology

In the summer of 2016, I worked at Haystax Technology working to integrate real-time topic modeling and text classification into their main product.

CEO at The Inventor’s Guild

In the fall of 2016, I was appointed as CEO of the Inventor’s Guild, a multi-award-winning think-tank and consulting firm.




Started ThinkDFS in an attempt to commercialize the technology that I developed for NBA player predictions

ZC Airsoft Technologies

Started ZC Airsoft Technologies to provide cheaper and more advanced electronic control units for airsoft guns. Shipped over 1200 products to over 1000 happy customers


Arch Linux/TAILS

Receiving funding from Microsoft to develop a keyboard and trackpad driver along with various other hardware hooks to achieve full functionality of Linux (specifically Arch Linux and TAILS) on Apple’s latest laptop hardware

Deep Remix

Led the development of an unsuccessful open-source attempt to remix music using Deep Learning

Mother of All Programs (MOAP)

Core contributor to a program that automatically designs computer algorithms.

Competed and received an honorable mention with MOAP in the 2016 New York Business Plan Competition

Data Analysis for NBA Player Predictions

Built a set of tools that could profitably predict the performances of NBA players for an individual game


3rd place, 2017 RPI Class of ’51 Entrepreneurship Competition

Semi-finalist, 2017 New York Business Plan Competition

2016 UPE AI Competition

Competed in the UPE AI Competition by building an AI to play Bomberman

2016 HackRPI

Competed in the pitch competition by pitching a better way to control traffic lights by using existing street cameras, deep learning, and fluid dynamical modeling

Also competed in the hackathon by building Cardboard Theater, an Android app built for Google Cardboard that lets you watch movies with your friends in virtual reality

Semi-finalist, 2016 New York Business Plan Competition

Winner, 2016 TVCoG Cleantech Hackathon

Competed and won Best Advanced Building Solution by building Smart Bricks, an IoT building material that can detect earthquakes and fires and automatically notify first-responders

Honorable Mention, 2016 Rensselaer Business Analytics Case Competition

Competed and received an honorable mention by using taxi, Uber, and subway data to predict the best locations to place Citi Bike racks in NYC

2016 BrickHack

Competed by building Monocle, glasses that could help the blind navigate by telling them what is in front of them

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