Interesting Links: February 2017


  • Why We Get Fat: “Optimal nutrition is about maximising micronutrients while managing your glucose load so your pancreas can keep up. In addition to managing carbohydrates, moderating protein, increasing fibre and maximising nutrition, are important to optimise body fat and normalise blood glucose.”
  • Why Learning is the New Procrastination: “Stop learning by watching the game. Start learning by playing it.”
  • Charlie Munger on Getting Rich, Wisdom, Focus, Fake Knowledge and More: “While we can’t have his genetics, we can try to steal his approach to rationality. There’s almost no limit to the amount one could learn from studying the Munger mind, so let’s at least get started by running down some of his best ideas.”
  • A Brief History of Existential Terror: “Success, in this view, is to find a fear that is at your level of skill and ambition, something which might not work, and to dance with it. The biggest danger in the modern world is not failure, it’s boredom.”
  • Creating Focus: “Instead of writing some non-sense motivational speech on how to get amped up about your life, we’re going to outline a way to consistently get into ‘the zone’.”
  • 10 Year Projects and Short Term Projects: “If you choose your projects right, life will be very satisfying, full of achievements, every year will be a little easier and better than the last one… I’d like to recommend a guideline to you: only do 10-year projects or short projects, and almost nothing in between.”
  • How Your Climate-Controlled Comfort Is Killing You: “But what if our quest for technology-enabled comfort has actually made us physically and mentally weaker and sicker? What if our bodies actually need discomfort to truly thrive and flourish?”


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