Interesting Links: January 2017


  • First, See the Circle: Another great article by Scott H Young that challenges one to think more consciously about which of our behaviors are scripts and which are intentional. Plus, it introduced me to Westworld, a TV show I highly recommend watching (and I don’t say that often!).
  • Mental Models I Find Repeatedly Useful: A monster post by the founder of Duck Duck Go on mental models and thinking better. I certainly will be stealing a bunch of these as I build out my own mental models page.
  • The Challenge of Arendtian Action: Breaking Smart is back! Anything written by Venkatesh Rao you should just go ahead and read.
  • Goals Cause Depression: A thought-provoking post from the always-contrarian Wall Street Playboys. This time, they extoll the virtues of time allocation as a framework for achievement instead of goal setting.
  • How to Break into the Tech Industry: An incredibly thorough post about getting a tech job even with an unconventional background. I will surely be revisiting this article often in my own search for a good job.
  • How You Move Defines How You Live: A follow-up post and set of videos to Tim Ferriss’ Tools of Titans in which Peter Attia shows us the best way to prepare to move correctly.
  • Making Badass Developers: An older video from O’Reilly in which Kathy Sierra, the creator of the excellent Head First series, presents on how developers can level-up their skills.


Recently Finished:

  • Tools of Titans
  • True to Form
  • The Goal

Up Next:

  • Extreme Ownership
  • Zen Habits
  • Mindfulness in Plain English
  • Mindfulness
  • Radical Acceptance