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Accept that you are not entitled to happiness. Accept that if you want to be happy, you must figure out what makes you happy. Make changes.

We all think about domination from the wrong direction. We think about dominating others when we should first think about dominating ourselves. How can you dominate others when you can’t exercise the force of will needed to dominate yourself?

An alpha male learns to dominate his body before he worries about what everyone else is doing. He builds discipline. Once you can dominate yourself, dominating others comes far more naturally. You get used to dealing with the most pathetic, needy, nasty (and beautiful, godlike, and blessed) invention ever created: your human body.

Respect the power of eye contact. If you have solid eye contact game, you have met the 80/20 rule. Eighty percent of your success with other people will be met by taking the 20% move of making and holding eye contact.

I smile when I’m around my goddaughters and my dog. Otherwise, I don’t see any need to smile like some goof.

Treat people with respect and do not tolerate disrespect and you’ll be amazed how you develop social dominance. People will learn that you’re the man to see when they want to confide in someone and that they should stay out of your way when they are being shady.

All you have to do is follow three simple rules. One, never underestimate your opponent. Expect the unexpected. Two, take it outside. Never start anything inside the bar unless it’s absolutely necessary. And three, be nice.

When you have size and strength and also know how to box or use Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, then you really are a force of nature.

If you have somewhere to be, then get there. If you don’t have anywhere to be, then lounge.

Don’t stand when you can sit. Don’t sit when you can lie down. Don’t lie down when you can sleep.

One easy way to remember to occupy more space is to ask if your balls are being crushed. That means your legs are too close together and that you aren’t occupying enough space.

Check your testosterone levels.

We are apes. In the jungle, size is king. Women like big men. That’s just evolution.

Being bigger is better in every conceivable way. There is likely a point where you’re “too big.” I am bigger than 90% of men and yet I am not even close to being “too big.” I have several friends who are bigger than I am and they haven’t reached that point. Keep striving to get bigger and you will be handsomely rewarded with more attention from women, better customer service, more money, and more friends.

You need to start doing static holds and 1-and-1/3 reps so that you can get a thick, dense look.

Here’s how to do static holds: during your last work set of a major muscle group (chins, bench, dips, etc.), hold the weight at the top of the movement. Fight the movement for 30-60 seconds. When training friends I actually countdown aloud: 30, 29, 28…

To do a 1-and-1/3 rep, you lower the weight in the bench press all the way to your chest. You press the barbell 1/3 of the way up. Then you lower it again. Then you do one full range of motion repetition.

You don’t need to do static holds for every movement. Just pick one major movement for your large body parts.

Ask yourself, “If I dumped the weight, would it fall on my head?” If so, don’t do a static hold. Avoid using static holds for smaller muscle groups, as they will wreck your biceps tendon. 1-and-1/3 reps are much easier on your joints. I even use a form of 1-and-1/3 reps for my biceps.

Once you have a body that women are starting to find themselves attracted to, then you’ve earned the right to argue about what is the best body for attracting women. Until then, hit the gym hard. Once you get a decent body, you’ll learn from first-hand experience what body women find the sexiest.

Just start from the premise that you want more greens and less fruit and you’ll end up in the right place. Also, try juicing as many ANDI score foods as you can.

The study showed that, “Narcissism was related to fancier clothing, a more charming facial expression, more self-assured body movements, and more verbal humor, all of which led to popularity.”

When you leave the house, you should be asking yourself: right now, do I look like the kind of man an attractive woman would want to be seen with?

To a woman, what her friends will think is more important than what she thinks. One might even say that women are incapable of thinking for themselves, but instead are part of a hive mind.

Gaining 10 pounds of muscle, losing fat, and finding your look will do far more to improve your game than the latest “social dynamics” DVD’s. If you want to meet women, first become a man worth meeting.

Men take action, women chew the fat. Stop blabbing for hours about emotional crap with women. Go find other hunters.

How do you develop charisma?   Remind yourself that:   There’s no place else I’d rather be. There’s no one else I want to see.

When men obsess over the next move, we become distracted and are no longer in the present moment. Women sense this, hence why we so often seem to miss out on what felt like a sure thing.

Making eye contact will teach you a lot about yourself and about others.

If a girl looks down to the ground, she views herself as having lower status than you. If you meet a girl who looks down, do not act too cocky.

Be cockier around girls who look at you sideways. Use indirect openings to catch their attention, and do not be afraid to tease them.

Girls seem to enjoy getting into staring contests. Hold the gaze and then smirk. If she smiles back, it means she is mirroring you reflexively. Call her over to you.

Imagine you are taking a quiz tomorrow. The quiz will ask you the eye color of ten people you interacted with the day before.

Life is progressive resistance. In the gym you add more weight to the bar, and in life, you add challenges until you hurt. Adaptation requires overload.

The only people whose opinions should matter are those who are there for you. I have a core group of friends. They are people I have been loyal to, and who have helped me in my own time of need. If they disapprove of something I’m doing, then I’ll listen. I may disagree and continue doing it. But I’ll feel something when they speak.

Complete strangers? Who cares? What they think or feel shouldn’t prevent you from approaching a girl. Eliminate shame, and you will have eliminated the single biggest game killer.

When a woman moves her lips away from you, too many guys kiss her on the cheek. There is a much better approach. As she turns away, brush her hair aside, revealing her neck. Take a quick nibble on the side of her neck, look back up at her in the eyes, smirk, and then go back to dancing or talking at the bar. Do not go for a kiss immediately after nibbling on her neck. Wait a few minutes.

you create a lifestyle so awesome that a woman doesn’t want to leave it. If you’re a man who hits the weight room, likes to go out once a week, drinks fine wine, and eats good food, you’re going to find a lot of women willing to audition.

A friendship is a garden. You must water the flowers and pull out the weeds. If you hang out with losers, you will become a loser. If you hang out with winners, you will become a winner.

Do you even like these people? Chances are that you do not. What do you have to lose by being yourself? You have nothing to lose but losers, parasites, leeches, and deadweight. Be yourself. If your views offend them, wish them well on their journey and part ways. This includes your family

In this lifetime, a man gets one or two chances to make a big move. You’ll know it’s time to make your move when the decision hurts.

Get on board with the mission – which is mastering your own life – or go be with the normal people.

“More money wouldn’t change how I live my life.”   That is rich.

  1. Fail elegantly: learn from your mistakes. b. Succeed elegantly: don’t grow too much too fast. To grow, you must learn to sell your vision of the future. Don’t delegate immediately. Rather: (1) optimize, (2) systemize, (3) delegate.

Start seeking multiple income sources. You don’t need to be rich to start seeking out alternative sources of income.

  1. Four states winners master: certainty, clarity, courage, confidence. b. Four states losers master: uncertainty, overwhelmed, fear, self-doubt.

“People won’t follow you if you set a goal. People follow you if you had a vision.” – Jordan Belfort

Focus: learning how to focus on vision rather than on what you’re afraid of. Most focus on where they don’t want to go, of what they’re afraid of. We move in the direction of our focus. We also attract what we focus on.

A perfect sale (a “lay down,” in sales terms) goes in a straight line. You make the call and you close the deal without any objections. To create a straight line for your product, use backwards planning. Work back from yes. What has to happen in every step leading up to yes?

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3 Things to Show a Buyer in the First 4 Seconds of a Sales Call 1. Sharp as a tack. Show that you are smart and knowledgeable about your subject. When in doubt, “Act as if…” 2. Enthusiastic as hell. a. Below the surface enthusiasm, be subtle. b. Show enthusiasm through body language and tone of voice, which are 90 percent of how you make a sale. 3. Expert in your field. People trust experts. Establish yourself as a trusted authority.

According to Belfort, you shouldn’t merely set goals. You need something greater than goals. You need a vision. A goal is something you accomplish. A vision is something you see. It is an entirely new world.

One day you’re perfect, one day you suck. That’s because of your state. Your state is something you can learn to control. You can put yourself into a resourceful state at will. Being able to control your state is what separates successful people from normal people.

3 States You Need to Master 1. Certainty: to be certain about that you’re doing. 2. Clarity: to be clear and not overwhelmed. 3. Courage: to have a conviction and not let fear stop you. (Rich people act in the face of fear, whereas poor people run away during fear.)

Audacity is like this: “Who do you think you are?” That’s what I want people to say. “Who does Mike think he is?” Right here, that’s who I think I am. That’s who you’re looking at. That’s how I think of audacity: I’m going to make these bold and audacious moves. And then I did more than that.

Read Patton on Leadership, study General Patton.

Always, always, always audacious.

Now what did that get me? Is the guy going to say something, blah blah blah? No, it isn’t about what it gets me. It got me noticed, right? Now, people notice me. Sure, when you are audacious, people are going to look at you a little weird. Or maybe not like you.   But here’s what you men have to understand: You don’t need everybody to like you.

That’s how you want people to think of you: “I can’t believe he said that. It’s bracing. Who is this guy?”

You have vices because you are aimless. Your life has no purpose. You are simply existing. You are riding whatever wave life throws at you instead of making your own waves. I have a solution. It is a solution that every loser and hater will tell you is wrong. Become obsessed.

When you become obsessed, you develop tunnel vision. Nothing else matters. You simply don’t have to “break yourself free of bad habits” because those bad habits cannot compare to your obsession. Find your obsession and everything else will fall into line. What is your obsession?

If you want to be like other people and you want to see the world differently from other people, then you have to pay attention to things other people don’t pay attention to.

If my default state is anger and my anger controls me, then I am ruled by emotions. Should I perhaps try getting into the state of a relaxed or happy person? Simply accepting my state without questioning it makes me the same as a woman who is ruled by her feelings.

You can change state using physiology (keep lifting until your mind gets right) and also by a change in focus.

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What negative behaviors do you have today? What are those going to cost you in 5, 10, and 20 years?

What if instead of fearing pain like a little bitch and crying about every stupid problem you have, you told yourself, “Growth requires pain.”  That is the moral of Conan the Barbarian and is the answer to the Riddle of Steel.

Because my brain is not wasting time on stupid decisions and because my life is not a lie, my brain has the energy it needs to hit it hard.

Thus, to perform in the moment and reach goals, self-control needs to be used judiciously.  Ideally, goals and behaviors should be staggered, to give times for rest and recovery. New endeavors should be added one-at-a-time.

Life has hit you hard? Join the club, buddy. There’s room to your right and your left, but it’s going to be a tight fit. We could fill 10,000 stadiums with people who have been worked over by life. We couldn’t fill a single stadium with men who say, “Bring it on. Bring it all on.”

You make hundreds or thousands of decisions every day to win or lose, to conquer or retreat, to laugh or cry. Each of these decisions is a brick you lay. Rome was not built in a day. Nor will your life be built in one day. Start laying some bricks.

This is how the law of attraction really works: Step 1. You focus on your vision, what you want. Step 2. You are going to see opportunities everywhere. Step 3. Seize the opportunity. You take what you want. You keep what you kill.

Your memories are real only because you choose to treat them as real. What would happen if you treated your dreams as being more real than your memories?

Frame your problems as a source of power. Problems equal preparation for something great! You have a problem. We all have problems. The only thing within our control is how we choose to think and feel about those problems.

Start living an intentional life.   There is a way for you to reach flow, to become a stylist at life. Don’t judge why something puts you into peak flow or not.

Think about a time you felt unstoppable.      Who were you with?      What were you doing?      When did you feel amazing?      Where were you?      Why did you reach flow?

He instead was doing something else: the only thing that mattered. He was mastering his craft.   Are you at the right place at the right time?

I’ve learned through my own military and martial arts training—as well as studying elite soldiers—that we rarely push ourselves hard enough. When in doubt, push harder. When you feel like you can’t take another step, you take 1,000 more.

What would happen to your life if you treated being mediocre not as something you can live with, but as a crisis that must be survived?

“Do something that scares you each day.” – Unknown The fear you feel is your unconscious mind reeling against a test. In

What are you afraid of?   It doesn’t matter to me. My fears are different from yours and my path differs from yours. Find and face your fears and then you will become a true original.