Cal Newport – Deep Work

Note: Couldn’t find my notes for this one, below are action steps.

Consistently start deep work sessions, generate a daily rhythm for deep work
Have a set starting time
don’t break the chain
Find your most productive time -> track energy throughout the day
Find a dedicated space for deep work and deep work only

build rituals for right before doing deep work:
How long you’ll work
When you’ll take breaks, how long they’ll be, what you’ll do
What you’re working on, when it’s done

Find the ONE THING that you should use deep work to accomplish
Should be ambitious and return tangible and substantial professional benefits

Track deep work hours in a public physical scoreboard
Have weekly reviews where you see how much deep work you did and how you can do more/what led to how much you did

Have complete downtime, guilt free scheduled time to shut down work thinking completely
time in nature preferable
find times when you are least productive

Don’t fill every moment of boredom with a smartphone check
schedule times to take breaks from focus, see above
also schedule when to use internet for distraction

practice building intense focus:
pick important task, estimate how long it will take, try to cut that in half with increased intensity
once a week at first, increase as you get better at it

use productive meditation on walks:
keep your attention on the problem at hand when it wanders or stalls
aim for 2-3 in a week
avoid loops on what you already know
have a thinking structure:
start with variables that you have and that you want
define next steps and work on them one by one

practice memorization techniques; ex memorizing a deck of cards
quit social media as much as possible, schedule the social media time for the few you continue to use

schedule every minute of your day
divide the workday into blocks and assign activities to the blocks

quantify the depth of each activity
try to avoid shallow tasks as much as possible
either cut them out or outsource them

have a fixed schedule for work and work backwards to find strategies to get everything done in that time

send more efficient emails, just have them need to reply yes or no