Mike Cernovich – Gorilla Mindset

In Gorilla Mindset, you will learn how to apply a growth mindset to your life. In addition, you will be introduced to the power of the abundance mindset.

Mindset is a choice. We can choose to view the world as one of scarcity or one of abundance.

Again, it doesn’t matter what your affirmation or mantra is. It’s yours. There are no right or wrong answers. I want you to discover YOUR truth, not my truth. What matters is how you feel. Your mantra or affirmation should encourage, motivate, and in times of stress, comfort you.

Structure your affirmations as follows: I am going to _______________, because _________________.

Always remember that your frame is a choice. How you choose to view life’s difficulties and what you choose to focus on is a choice you make in the present moment.

Once you accept that pain is inevitable and leads to growth, you’ll be better prepared to endure winter.

The easiest way to become aware of yourself and aware of your body, is to either start talking out loud or use self-talk to check in to your environment. It doesn’t matter where you are.

Checking in will help you be more aware of your emotions and will make even challenging or mundane challenges more fulfilling and meaningful. I am about to ________________________________. I am going to do this because ____________________, ____________________________.

Gorilla Mindset shift: I am going to take an active approach to managing my state.

Remind yourself you have the power to choose how you feel. Tell yourself, “How I feel is a choice I make in the present moment.” Do not passively accept whatever emotional state happens to affect your body.

In life, focus on what is essential. Of course the non-essential details still matter, but treat them as what they are — non-essential.

When you feel distracted, engage in self-talk. Ask yourself: “What am I focusing on?” Return to the present moment. What do you need to accomplish? Check into what you need and check out of what you do not need.

Remember to check in. “Why am I focusing on this triviality?” Ask yourself, “Is focusing in this direction making me feel better or worse about myself or the situation I am in?”

It’s easy to become distracted and to feel angry. The way to overcome this is by checking in constantly, engaging in empowering and helpful self-talk, and returning your focus to what really matters. Use self-talk to keep yourself accountable

Ask yourself, in the present moment, “What are you focusing on?” If the answer is anything other than what really matters, ask yourself, “Why?”

Being plugged in and connected does not signal importance. It shows that you are unimportant and a slave to others. Take charge. Disconnect. Focus.

Ask these questions to develop ruthless focus: What do you want more of? What do you want less of? Does [person/activity] bring you more of what you want? Does [person/activity] bring you less of what you want?

Conduct an inventory of everyone and everything in your life. Ask yourself: Does [insert the person] increase your [insert positive outcome]? Does [insert the activity] increase your [insert positive outcome]?

Gorilla Mindset shift: Avoid negative situations and draining people, instead choosing to engage in life-affirming activities with positive, helpful people.

Chances are you are already too busy. You need to put work in on yourself. You don’t have time to allow others to impose their demands and ego upon you.

Sleep as much as you can.

Gorilla Mindset shift: There is nothing cool about “powering through” sleep deprivation.

Be exposed to fresh air and open spaces every day. Never sit for longer than one hour.

Gorilla Mindset shift: You are an elite athlete in the game of life who must properly warm up for an intense and inspirational competition.

The momentum of your day begins with your morning. Your perfect morning will lead to your perfect day, which will lead to a better life. End this life of quiet desperation by beginning your day with an empowering morning routine.

Never press the snooze button. We know you’re tired. Everyone is tired first thing in the morning. If you feel like you’re about to fall asleep, get right out of bed. Rush into the shower. Take a contrast shower or a cold shower. Perform a mindset-shifting brain warmup.

A cold shower can raise testosterone levels, lower levels of cortisol, boost your immune system, and increase your mental toughness.

Perform this five-minute brain warmup each morning before getting out of bed. 1. Count backwards from 100. Speed is key. Don’t stop if you skip a number. You are not trying to get everything 100% right, and given you may have just woken up, it’s likely you’ll skip a number. 2. Find a noun that fits each letter of the alphabet. A noun is a person, place, thing, or idea. Don’t just think of an object. Imagine the colors and shapes and sizes of the noun. This will activate your right brain (colors, images, shapes, sizes) and left brain (verbal, think of a word) simultaneously. This “brain crosstalk” will improve your overall cognitive performance. a — apple b — boy c — crabapples d — etc. 3. Create a numbered list of female names, 1-10. Say the number and letter to yourself or out loud. 1 — Lisa 2 — Tina 3 — Sherry 4 — etc. 4. Create a numbered list of male names, 1-10. As with the female names above, say the number and letter to yourself or out loud. 1 — Edward 2 — Tom 3 — Bob 4 — etc. 5. Close your eyes and take 10 deep meditative breaths. As you breathe deeply, focus on oxygenating your brain. You should feel the blood vessels and capillaries surrounding your brain start to expand. Then open your eyes to start your day. You are now prepared to start your day. Does that seem like a lot of work? Perhaps. Although it only takes 5-15 minutes to perform, it seems like a lot of work to people.

To best accomplish that, goals should: Be Specific — so that an individual can clearly measure success (e.g. deciding to lose 20 pounds is better than just wanting to lose weight). Be Challenging — in order to improve motivation and satisfaction upon completion. However, it should also be achievable, to avoid discouragement (e.g. setting a 20 pound goal instead of 5, because it is still achievable, but would make a bigger difference). Be Important — to meeting the person’s needs (e.g. losing weight to promote health AND attractiveness). Provide Feedback — to help the individual be aware when change in behavior is needed (e.g. weighing every week to determine weight loss — or getting a DEXA scan every few months).

Ideally, goals and behaviors should be staggered, to give time for rest and recovery. New endeavors should be added one at a time.

To improve your lifestyle, improve the quality of people you socialize with as well as activities you participate in.

Before bed, reflect on your previous day. When reflecting on what you achieved (or not) during the day, do not be judgmental. Be mindful. Reflect on how you can improve tomorrow.

(If you haven’t figured it out already, being active every day is essential for all areas of your mindset.)

Everything is interconnected. Your posture, your blood and digestion, your diet, your exercise and activity level, and your breathing all influence each other and work together as a whole. When any of these factors is out of balance, it can bring your whole body out of balance, which in turn puts your mindset out of balance.

Lifting weights is the single best habit you can add to your life to improve your body and improve. Lifting weights is superior to all other forms of exercise, as the amount of muscle mass you carry is related to how long you live, how often you get sick, and how quickly your body can recover from injury or illness.

Improving your posture will improve your state of mind, which is why there are several detailed pictures of proper posture.

To create trust, follow the rule that all writers have laser beamed into their foreheads: “Show, don’t tell.” Don’t tell people you’re an expert. Show people. That’s where those YouTube videos will come in handy.

As Warren Buffett noted, “It takes a lifetime to build a reputation and 20 seconds to destroy one. If you go through life with that mindset, you’ll do things differently.”

To become your own recognizable personal brand — You, Inc. — you must find a way to differentiate yourself.

To save the most on your taxes, you need to become self-employed.

Yes, as the IRS notes, you can run a business on a part-time business.

With a SEP 401(k), you stash away pre-tax income to benefit from the law of compounding interest. You don’t pay taxes until you withdraw your money, decades later.

You are a company — You, Inc. Invest in this company. Learn about this company. Study it with the most intense detail. Eating healthy foods will save you healthcare costs in the long run. Reading books will help you improve your life and also keep you sharp. In fact, reading can help delay, mitigate, and prevent many forms of early-onset dementia.

When you’re broke, you don’t get to buy what you want. You only get to buy what you need. Never delude yourself into believing a want is a need.

Imagine yourself achieving that goal. Think about where you will be sitting when you reach your goal. What will you look and feel like? Will you be sitting in a large leather chair behind a thick oak desk, or maybe on a hammock in a tropical paradise?

The difference between visualization and daydreaming is this: Visualization is specific and targeted towards a goal.

Remind yourself you are a master of visualization. After all, you can make yourself feel a certain way by thinking of your past. The past is no more real than the future is. Treat your dreams as more real than your memories. When you find yourself thinking back on the past, get into the present moment. Tell yourself, “I am going to imagine myself living in the future.” Involve all of your five senses. Learn how to visualize the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and feelings of where you will be. Finally, take time each day to practice visualization. You won’t live your dream life overnight. Take a few minutes each day imagining where you want to be.