Victor Pride – New World Ronin

Build the brain through study, build the body through rigorous training and build the business with ruthless integrity.

Complaining and crying is outlawed to ronin in training because the NWR live in accordance and acceptance of the laws of this world. We accept the things we cannot change and change the things we cannot accept.

Reflection is the enemy of action. You can only afford reflection when you have too much money or when you’re too old to play the game. Ronin in training are not allowed to reflect.

To become a New World Ronin the very first thing you must do is clear your mind. If you think nothing but worrying thoughts you will become nothing but worry.

No one cares about what I want; people only care about what they want.  When I learned this rule, I found success instantly. I stopped thinking about what I needed and how I could get rich quick. I started thinking about what other people needed.

give people what they want and you’ll get what you want. Nobody cares about you

Think about whatever you need but cannot find and then create that. If you’re in the market for it and can’t find it, other people are also in the market for it and can’t find it.

The key to starting and building multiple businesses that work is very simple; focus on one business until it works. Then, shift your focus to a new venture (short for adventure).

Every great man became great the exact same way: the way of doing everything opposite of the standard advice.

Self-Discipline is Key to Sho’Gunna Mentality. You have to be both the drill sergeant and the recruit to be a master of yourself. At first, the self-discipline will be hard. After time, practice and dedication, the ronin in training will turn to stone; he will have an unbreakable will to kill and to win.

To be the best you have to have a crazy, obsessive need to be the best. You don’t accidentally become the best. You don’t become the best without being obsessed. Obsession is what separates the best from the rest. The best are obsessed with their craft and you must be obsessed with being the best.

That’s all it takes; a change in your mindset. It takes one simple word added to your thought vocabulary to get you started. That word is “great.” Think no more thoughts of “I’m just an average man.” Think instead “I am a great man.” Change the mindset, change the thought process, change your life.

You have to pick the skill that you are naturally good at. No one ever became great doing something they were not good at. You must focus on what you are good at and you must develop that skill to hell and back.

You have to always move forward; the momentum always has to be forward momentum. If you are not moving forward then you are stagnant or you are getting worse. Always be moving forward and do not stop. Do not start and stop, start and stop, start and stop repeatedly. Start and keep going.

To get the things you want you must first envision them. What you envision is what you are given. You become the best because you stay awake all night in bed dreaming, plotting and visualizing being the best. Sleep is for normal people, the best don’t sleep because they’re wide awake in bed making plans for the future. If you want greatness you must have a plan for that greatness and visualizing is planning.

You must be patiently impatient because it takes as long as it takes. Plant seeds now and be impatient about it. Nurture the seeds and then let them be; they will sprout when they sprout. Be patient when it comes to the rewards of your work but do not be patient about doing your work.

Full Color Work is any high-value, high-level activity performed in an intense state of concentration without any distractions. It is the work that brings in new money to the company.

If you are a shogun genius you must learn to delegate B&W work so you can focus your skills on Full Color Work. A shogun is a ronin who knows how to delegate. To reach shogun status, it is essential to delegate. No one man can do all tasks all the time.

When creating Full Color Work always turn off the phone, always turn off email, always turn off any and all distraction.

While working in full color, always stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water. Drink a lot of coffee, it makes you more alert and it fills you with adrenaline. Forget about sleep. Sleep is for people who do not have work to do.  Forget about food. Food slows you down. Eat food when your day is finished. Food requires digestion, digestion requires blood flow, blood flow that slows you down and makes you tired. Big meals are simply not allowed to artists, geniuses and other creators while they are doing Full Color Work.

Creating a work of true genius requires true seclusion. One simply cannot understand how distracting the modern world is until one goes away from it and then returns.

Sleep schedules must go, eating schedule must go and gym schedules must go. Full Color Work not only comes first, it comes only. When inspiration strikes everything else in life will take a back seat.

Always Take Notes! Ronin must always keep detailed notes. You must write everything down so it can leave your head and give your brain the space it needs to think creatively. Remember, you must thoroughly and frequently review your notes to improve your strategy and understanding of the game.

A schedule is completely and utterly necessary in the course of day to day business and brand building; an absolute necessity.  The soldier and ronin must keep strict discipline at all times when not engaging in Full Color Work. A routine is the only way business can continue its forward momentum.

The rule is not to sleep 3 hours per night, the rule is to get sufficient sleep and then rise with the sun. You must give yourself a head start. Many people have been brainwashed to feel as though they need more sleep when what they actually need is quality sleep.

The key to life is oxygen and you must make sure you are getting enough oxygen while you are sleeping. Sleep on your left side with a small pillow between your knees for comfort.

Calm focus is the key to being prepared but not stressed. To become calm, one must learn to breathe properly. One must learn to breathe from the stomach rather than from the chest.

The Day is Won or Lost by 10AM. 10am is the time of the day when humans are most alert; this is due to our natural circadian rhythms. The time between 10am-12pm are the two best hours in the entire day for creativity, productivity and enthusiasm. It is essential that you work undistracted during those two hours on your biggest and most important project. If you’re in the beginning stages of a project, the hours between 10am-12pm are the most creative and enthusiastic and you will get your best ideas at this time.

Always keep a strict fitness routine, only let it go during full color genius.

Discipline first, discipline forever. No discipline = no work = no rewards = no greatness.

The 3 points that form the triangle of greatness are: brain, body and brand.

It is in the information business that the ronin builds his brand. Information is more valuable than anything and it is what frees you from the shackles of working a job you despise.

No one cares about free art. The only art that has meaning is the art that people pay for. No one respects what comes easy and free. Respect is only given to what comes hard. Free art? Garbage. Expensive art? Good.

Find the distractions that rob you of your most precious energy and ruthlessly remove them. Block them out and prevent them from popping up during your full color work period. It only takes one little annoying ‘ping’ to completely disrupt your state of focus.

The other choice is the simpler of the two choices but it requires courage. The second option: you could just reach out, grab her by her hair and kiss her on the mouth like you own her.

When you’re on the move, the girl will chase you all the way to hell and back. You’re on the move and you make things happen. You find a way to grab Destiny because she is the one who finds you. Instead of waiting and wishing she’d see you, be in motion; this is how you get her to chase you down.

New information comes in every single day that could make your business plan useless tomorrow. You could either follow your original business plan, into oblivion, or you could flow like Bruce Lee and adapt to the new changes.

Think about where you want to get to; how to get there is unimportant as long as you get there. See yourself on top of the mountain and forget about the steps along the way.

Business is War, so Study War. Aspiring shogun must spend time studying the martial arts, the NWR code, and the strategies of war because they will help the mindset of a shogun in training to becoming a business magnate.

Anyone who gives you unsolicited and unspecific advice is a loser and should be ignored. Read those words again: unsolicited AND unspecific. Unspecific and unsolicited advice is “advice” that the ronin must be deaf to.

Always Be Big Like Donald Trump’s Hair, Bank Account and Charisma. Never bore the audience, always start big like a blast from a shotgun. The audience wants spectacle and you must give it to them, one way or another. The title and headline is the most important. The best words in the world will never be read if the title is not intriguing.

Make ‘em Cry & Make ‘em Buy. No one needs a reason to buy something, they need to feel like they need to buy something. Big difference. Reasons are nothing without emotions, emotions are far more powerful triggers than reasons. Facts are important, but without the emotional connection they are meaningless. The full color salesman must include both facts and reason. In his sales tactics.

Vision, drive, go-getter – these are the words that describe people who are great. Stuck, standing still, idle – these are the words to describe ghosts. Vision, drive, go-getter all mean the exact same thing – move forward.

Be like a shark: stay busy all the time and always move forward. Laziness takes up a lot of energy. And that is the problem – laziness takes energy but it does not make energy.

Stay Busy! Staying busy keeps the worry away and staying busy keeps over-thinking at bay. There simply is no time to be worried or anxious when you are always moving forward.

Live in a big city because big cities have momentum. Towns are idle, standing still in time.

Get out a pen and paper, and write down the following 20 observations about yourself.  My 5 true interests: ____________ My 5 best qualities: ____________ My 5 biggest flaws or weaknesses: ____________ The 5 things I definitely don’t want to do: ____________ Complete this list and then take yourself out of the equation. Assume you are not you, assume you are some random idiot walking by on the street and the random idiot found your list. Assume that the random idiot walking by read your list and he had to guess what your mission is. What would the random idiot walking by say your mission is?  Whatever the idiot would say

3. What would make you want to jump out of bed every morning, put on your boots and go to work with purpose? 2. What is a reason you would wake up in the morning happy?  1. What is a reason that would make you want to be alive and move forward every day? Write the answers down right now.