Repetition, Repetition, Repetition

It’s easy to think that if you say something once, you don’t have to say it again. And that’s true, if you don’t want to be persuasive.

It turns out that if you want a message to be heard and internalized, it’s best to say it over and over again.

Donald Trump uses this to great effect. During the last election, he would repeat the same points over and over again, most notably, “we need to build a wall–a big, beautiful wall.” There wasn’t a single person who didn’t know what he stood for.

Geoff Woods at The ONE Thing┬áis someone else who knows the power of repetition. “Most people fail because they are unwilling to endure the monotony of success,” is just one of many sayings that gets repeated in nearly every podcast episode. “You don’t decide your outcomes. You decide your habits and your habits determine your outcomes,” is another.

Personally, I’ve seen my own father achieve results with repetition as well. He mentors traders and always hammers home the same points. Sometimes it takes even 10 times before they truly internalize what he is saying. And when they hear it after that, they often say it is a good reminder.

So if you have a point to make, don’t be afraid to say it again. And again. And again.

P.S. The best primer on the topic of Persuasion I’ve come across is Scott Adam’s Winning Bigly. Follow that up with Robert Cialdini’s books.